The Collection

These tarps were collected from the City of Praise Community Complex in Huntsville, Alabama where the Praise Power Tabernacle hosted events before the property’s foreclosure in 2009.

This tarp was donated by the University of Alabama Huntsville Sculpture Dept. because it couldn’t completely shield the bronze casting area from the wind and rain. If moisture gets into the molten metal it produces a dangerous explosion.

These tarps were donated by a retired landscaper in Huntsville, Alabama who used them to protect his lawnmowers.

This tarp had been used by a family to protect their children’s toys from rusting, and was donated because the kids flew the coup.

With client numbers steady on the rise the Alabama Pediatric Dental Associates relocated to a larger and newer building in Huntsville, Alabama. The building’s landlord is now making repairs in-between tenants and is donating this tarp upon completion.

The Cavendish family in Huntsville, Alabama breeds Weimaraners and donated this tarp that had been used as extra protection on a dog house.

Mark never got much use of his boat, and just sold it on craig’s list. It spent all summer sitting outside uncovered in the local mechanic’s parking lot, causing the vinyl to crack.

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