Who We Are

Marin Abell is a transdisciplinary artist and educator who works both collectively and individually. His creative practices often take the form of sculptural events that explore individual and cultural identities. Abell holds a BFA in Sculpture from James Madison University and an MFA in Sculpture and Expanded Practice from Ohio University. He has participated in numerous residencies, and has exhibited extensively in the US, including the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and was recently awarded Smack Mellon’s ‘Hot Pick’ 2011-2012. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the University of Alabama Huntsville’s School of Art & Art History’s Sculpture Department. For more about Marin’s artwork and exhibition information, visit his website at: http://www.marinabell.org

Heidi Bender is an installation and social practice artist whose  work is designed to spark dialogue on new natures of individual and cultural identitities emerging from an increasingly globalized world. Social practice and performative strategies allow Bender to investigate the practice of lived civic and social structures directly where they are most relevant to audiences, in the streets and landscapes where they live, work, and play. Bender’s work encompasses interventions, collaborations, performances, and solo and juried exhibitions throughout the U.S. and abroad, artist lectures, and participation in cross-disciplinary panels in fields such as Critical Geography and Latin American Issues. Bender holds an M.F.A. in Sculpture and Expanded Practice from the Ohio University and teaches Art Appreciation and Sculpture at The Ohio University Zanesville. To learn more about Heidi’s artwork and exhibition information, visit her website at: http://heidibender.net

Special thanks to: Dan Kauffman for collaborating with us on this project.  Dan is an educator, farmer, and philosopher living in Chillicothe, OH.  Dan teaches Spanish at Shawnee State University.

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